11-18 6.7L Ford OEM AC Expansion Valve

AC Expansion Valve for 2011-2018 6.7L Ford Powerstroke – Genuine OEM Motorcraft

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2011-2018 6.7L Ford Powerstroke AC Expansion Valve

Expansion Valves are an important part of the A/C system. The expansion valve is a metering devise that controls the flow of Freon entering the evaporator. It also regulates the flow of Freon to match the thermal load. When a compressor fails, it is common for contaminants to get into the expansion valve causing it to clog up or stick open. Anytime a compressor is replaced it is recommended to replace the compressor, accumulator / drier, and the expansion valve.

Genuine OEM Motorcraft Part  YG838 – 2 Year Warranty

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