The Real Truth About Bosch

For many years Bosch has campaigned against companies like Pensacola Diesel who offer quality diesel parts for a fraction of the cost of certified distributors. Bosch’s claim is that Common Rail injectors for Duramax & Dodge can only be effectively rebuilt and tested by authorized Bosch centers using only Bosch test equipment. This simply is not true.

Pensacola Diesel has invested over $600,000 in the latest state-of-the-art Hartridge CRI ,Ditex & KDiesel test equipment. Our Common Rail test room includes two Hartridge CRI machines, along with KDiesel & Ditex machines. Cross checks are performed that afford 100% certainty that injectors have passed necessary specifications.

Pensacola Diesel is not an authorized Bosch distributor, but we do rebuild all Bosch pumps and injectors with genuine Bosch parts. Our decision to avoid becoming an authorized Bosch distributor was because of strict limitations forced by Bosch that regulate where a business can sell and whom they can sell to. Ultimately these limitations would force us to raise our prices for products of exactly the same quality.


Pensacola Diesel has been accused of utilizing non Bosch parts of inferior build quality manufactured in China. Despite the fact that we do use genuine Bosch parts, many of Bosch’s parts are manufactured in China. This isn’t a secret. In fact, most Bosch packages state right on the side of the box “Made in China”. We are committed to providing the highest quality parts to our customers without markups for unnecessary authorization from Bosch. We stand behind our products and invest an incredible amount of care to ensure our products and our customer service is unmatched. We are proud of our products and reputation, feel free to view our Ebay feedback to find out the truth.

The two pictures above is the control valve for the 03-07 5.9L Injector, made in China, maybe this is why there are so many problems with the Dodge Injector, other picture is displaying the many boxes they use for injectors.

In 2014 & 15 at the ADS trade show Bosch told everyone in the seminar this same thing , that if you are not using Bosch equipment then you cant rebuild common rail injectors… They said this while a full convention of aftermarket rebuilders & parts suppliers just stood & watched. It simply is a lie. Bosch has since stopped attending the ADS convention but continues to spread false statements about rebuilders.

Bosch has told several of our customers that they cant buy genuine Bosch injectors from us, they say we cant get Bosch parts or new injectors,they say if they are not in a White box they cant be new & they cant be bosch..REALLY , PFI has no problem getting Bosch parts , we have several suppliers that are more than happy to supply us, we buy Bosch parts from all over the world & they come in all different colored boxes as pictured above..Just because Bosch says it does not make it the truth.

While Bosch does alot of things well , they have simply failed to supply a quality product (especially on the dodge injector) & continue to pass the blame to fuel injection shops like us…Blaming everything on contamination is not the answer & the VW scam That Bosch has been involved in definately leaves the impression they could be misleading customers..

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