03-04.5 5.9L 24V Dodge Airdog Raptor-4G RP-100/150

03-04.5 5.9L 24V Dodge Airdog Raptor-4G RP-100/150

Choose With Or Without In Tank Fuel Pump

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2003 – 2004.5 5.9L Dodge Cummins 4G Airdog Raptor Fuel Pump

Choose in Options:
  • R4SBD324 RP-100 WO/ITFP
  • R4SBD356 RP-100 W/ITFP
  • R4SBD325 RP-150 WO/ITFP
  • R4SBD361 RP-150 W/ITFP

This pump kit will deliver 100/150 gallons per hour (GPH) of fuel, enough to support 500 to 800 rear wheel horsepower.  Are you ready to unleash your Cummins’ capability with a pump that won’t inhibit your performance goals?


  • Advanced regulator design allows for extreme accuracy and ease of adjustment
  • No return line needed
  • Preset at 15-17 PSI
  • Ability to support 500 to 800 rear wheel horsepower by delivering 100/150 gallons per hour of fuel
  • Complete Installation Kit Including No Drill Mounting Bracket, Wiring harness, and 1/2″ “Big Line” Fuel Lines
  • Lifetime Warranty – Must Complete Registration with Airdog

These specific Raptor units (R4SBD356 & R4SBD361)  are designed for trucks that have been retrofitted from the original block mounted pump to a factory style in-tank fuel pump.  For those unaware, all of the 1998.5-2004.5 Cummins powered Rams came from the factory with a block mounted lift pump.  However, if it ever failed and had it replaced previously, it very likely was retrofitted to the newer design that actually placed the pump in the fuel tank.  If you’re not sure where your pump is located, simply “bump” the key, which will engage the pump, then listen whether the hum from the pump is coming from the engine compartment or the fuel tank.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

1102 RP-4G-100 WO/ITFP, 1103 RP-4G-100 W/ITFP, 1108 RP-4G-150 WO/ITFP, 1295 RP-4G-150 W/ITFP