94-01 6.5L DS Fuel Injection Line Set

New Fuel Line Set – 94-01 DS 6.5L Electronic Pump


94-01 6.5L GM Diesel Fuel Injection Line Set

Part #’s DT650009 (10225921), DT650010 (10225922), DT650011 (10225923), DT650012 (10225924), DT650013 (10225925), DT650014 (10225926), DT650015 (10225927), DT650016 (10225928)

Complete Set Of 8 New Lines W/Clamps   /  2225

Trucks of this age often have rusty fuel lines which can break and leak at a moments notice. If you are replacing the injection pump, it may be a good time to check the fuel lines to see if they are in need of replacement as well. If these lines have been bent excessively or repeatedly the internal surface may flake and cause further problems.

Sold In Sets Only

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Weight 7 lbs