90-10 7.3L-6.0L 6.4L Ford Diesel OEM AC Orifice Tube

Oem Motorcraft AC Orifice Tube – 90-10 7.3L-6.0L -6.4L Ford Diesel

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1990 – 2010 7.3L – 6.0L – 6.4L Ford Diesel AC Orifice Tube

Genuine OEM Ford Motorcraft  YG-346

The orifice tube is a metering device that creates a restriction to drop the pressure / temperature in the liquid line. It meters the flow of Freon/refrigerant only allowing enough liquid refrigerant through to easily flood the evaporator. Orifice tubes are defined by color, each color has a different size metering tube. When replacing the orifice tube always replace with the same color. Because of the screen and small metering tube, anytime you replace a compressor, the orifice tube also must be replaced.

TIP: Be careful when removing old orifice tube. If excessive pressure is placed trying to removing the old orifice from line by moving it side to side, it may damage the pipe and make it out of round, causing the new orifice tube not to seal correctly.


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