83-94 6.9L-7.3L IDI Ford Diesel Oil Pump

Enginetech Oil Pump – 6.9-7.3L 83-94


83-94 6.9L-7.3L IDI Ford Diesel Oil Pump – Will Not Fit PowerStroke

EngineTech – EP165   / 3978 –  2 Year Warranty

The oil pump is a critical component of the internal combustion engine. It’s just as important as the heart is to the human body.

Enginetech meets the Rebuilder’s requirements for quality and performance with precision oil pumps, screens, and shafts. Enginetech oil pumps are designed to meet or exceed O.E.M. performance with the correct flow and maximum pressure control for each application. Enginetech oil pumps are 100% cycle tested for both volume and pressure.

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Weight 8 lbs