98.5-04 5.9L FASS Titanium Signature Series Fuel Pump 165GPH

1998.5-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins Without In-tank Fuel Pump

FASS # TS D08 165G

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1998.5 – 2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins Titanium Signature Series 165GPH Fuel Lift Pump

FASS # TS D08 165G

Note: Fits Trucks without in-tank fuel pump. If the truck has been retrofitted with an in-tank pump, you will need FASS Kit # TS D07 165G

The Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel lift pump was engineered by FASS Fuel Systems to be the top performing, longest lasting and most reliable aftermarket filtration system in the diesel industry. Rated at 165 gallons per hour and backed by a limited lifetime warranty our Titanium Signature Series lift pump is capable of supporting your Dodge Cummins 5.9L diesel engine with enough fuel for multiple fueling upgrades.

A Titanium Signature Series lift pump also offers advanced filtration benefits that will help protect your injection systems, effectively extending the life of both your Injection Pump and Diesel Injectors. These Benefits include an improved filtration rating of 2 Microns, a built-in water separation filter and FASS Fuel Systems patented air/vapor removal process. Aftermarket lift pumps are important for both daily drivers and high-performance applications when looking to improve either fuel economy or increase horsepower/torque.


  • New Bolt On Bracket Installation
  • Preset 16-18 PSI Fuel Pressure
  • 165 Gallons Per Hour Flow Rating
  • Removes Water, Air and Debris From Diesel Fuel
  • 2 Micron Filtration Rating
  • Protects and Extends The Life Of Your Injectors
  • Improved Cold Weather Starts
  • Decreases Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • ½ Inch Fuel Lines and Ports
  • Fuel Mileage Improvement
  • Improved Fuel Volume Delivery
  • Smoother Engine Idle
  • Optional Electric Heater Ports
  • Optional Fuel Pressure Gauge Port
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 30,000 Mile Filter Life Expectancy
  • Quietest Motor On The Market

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