7.3L-6.0L Powerstroke ICP/Oil Pressure Sensor Socket

Ford Powerstroke 7.3L -6.0L



  • This socket was specifically designed to make the difficult task of replacing the ICP sensor on the early (up to 9/22/03) 6.0L Powerstroke a little easier. It also fits 7.3L ICP’s and 6.0L engine oil pressure sensors perfectly.
  • On early build 6.0L Powerstroke diesels, the ICP sensor is located in an extremely confined area under the turbocharger. Attempting to change the sensor using a standard socket will prove to be either a very difficult or impossible task because of the tight clearances involved. Our 3/8th in drive socket is designed to be as small as possible, both in length and diameter so that it will fit between the high pressure oil pump cover and the sensor and also allow as much clearance as possible at the end of the socket. Depending on user preference, the ICP sensor can be accessed either from above or below the truck


  • Early 6.0L Powerstroke ICP Sensor (up to 9/22/2003)
  • 6.0L Engine Oil Pressure Sensor (2003 – 2010)
  • 7.3L Powerstroke ICP Sensor (1994 – 2003)

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Weight 2 lbs